Hard Rock Cafe Site to Feature Five Shops

Hard Rock Cafe International Inc. is launching an Internet site that features five
different shops and a new line of merchandise utilizing the “Hard Rock Gear”
trademark, including a catalogue of lifestyle clothing.

“With Hard Rock Gear we have created a line of leisure wear that has its own
unique identity separate from its Hard Rock Cafe counterpart,” said Jim Berk,
president and CEO of Hard Rock Cafe International. “But just as a Hard Rock
Cafe London T-shirt can only be purchased at the London restaurant, Hard Rock
Gear will only be available online at hardrock.com, maintaining the
collectibility of all Hard Rock merchandise.”

Hard Rock Gear will include sportswear items from half-sleeve baseball shirts
to zippered fleece pullovers, and T-shirts with designs ranging from a collage
of guitars and flowers to the comical Rockin’ Rex, Hard Rock’s mutt mascot.

Hardrock.com will also introduce the new Pinheads club and shop. The Pinheads
section will cater to Hard Rock pin lovers, offering both Pinhead logo
clothing and never-before offered lapel pins that are wearable art in

“Over the years, we have seen that Hard Rock pins are one of the most sought-
after items that are traded everyday on the Web,” said Berk. “At hardrock.com
we wanted to create an official meeting place for these pin traders as well as
offer an array of new pins with easy accessibility online.”

At the Signature Series shop, original T-shirt designs by famous musicians and
artists such as Carlos Santana and Don Henley are offered. The shirts are part
of Hard Rock’s humanitarian efforts, with sales benefiting that artist’s
chosen charity.

In the Gallery, visitors can view and purchase some of the most famous rock
‘n’ roll photographs in existence–images that Hard Rock has selected for its
own collection.

The Love All Records shop will house more than 265,000 titles spanning all
music genres on major and independent labels.

The site also features a music memorabilia museum, music news, concert
Webcasts and a gallery filled with rare music photos, posters and art

The site was developed by USWeb;
billings were not disclosed.

“Because Hard Rock is starting from scratch, hardrock.com will be a showcase
for truly strategic use of the Internet,” said Toby Corey, president and COO
of USWeb. “This will be substantially more than a promotional site. It will
foster a greater level of interaction with customers, offer high-profile
opportunities to reach out to new customers and, above all, provide an online
experience every bit as enjoyable as the cafes, hotels and performance spaces

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