@Home Network, Release Software, Launch Software Store Cable ISP

@Home Network and Release Software launched SoftwareNow this week, a new online software store.

@Home users can choose to download and preview, rent or purchase a range of
software products such as games, personal finance and productivity software
“at speeds never before experienced by residential Internet users,” the
company said.

“Leveraging the try-before-you-buy function and @Home’s fast download speeds,
SoftwareNow provides customers with the freedom to test and purchase the
software they want when they want,” said Charles Moldow, vice president for
media development for @Home Network.

The SoftwareNow server is located directly on the @Home Network. Because of
@Home’s high-bandwidth network, SoftwareNow is able to deliver larger-sized
software titles than its competitors, the company said.

General Internet users can also access SoftwareNow at traditional dial-up

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