HP Launches ‘Critical Advantage’ Support

Who ya going to call? That question, made famous by the Ghost Busters movie back in 1984, has long been a sticking point for IT managers saddled with managing hardware and software from different vendors. The issue is that as the inevitable problems crop up it’s not always clear which vendor is at fault, e.g. it might be an obscure hardware glitch keeping an application from running properly.

Virtualization adds another piece to the support puzzle. As Datamation reports, HP is taking on the support issue with a new Critical Advantage program for the enterprise that’s designed to address both reactive and proactive support issues.

HP is adding a twist to its enterprise support offerings — a package that includes both traditional “reactive” as well as a set of “proactive” support services.

Available starting today, HP (NYSE: HPQ) claims Critical Advantage is the first comprehensive service offering from a major technology vendor to deliver support for business-critical applications in virtualized x86 environments.

Read the full story at Datamation:

HP Unveils Reactive/Proactive Critical Advantage Support Package

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