Imagemind Creates B2B, B2C Tools

Turnkey marketing tools using streaming video and audio e-mail
technology have been unveiled by ImageMind Software Inc.

Video Express Album is designed for Web portals, allowing membership the ability to create branded personal, web-based video albums where video clips can be privately accessed and streamed directly to
others. The product is a Web-based application that streams content without requiring downloading file
attachments and eliminating potential virus infections.

The product is not hampered by the requirement to enable Java nor allows cookies placed
on the recipient’s computer. Therefore, it maintains
the security of existing passwords, financial information and personal e-mail
address books.

“Our streaming voice and video e-mail products provide businesses with
the ultimate online branding, marketing and advertising vehicle to grow and
retain membership and online communities,” ImageMind President and Chief Executive Officer John F. Cruz.

“These tools are turnkey systems that can be graphically branded to any look and feel for any
event, product and company. You have full control on your e-mail marketing
campaigns, your e-mail target lists and the overall look and feel, at little
or no cost,” he added.

“Other tools provide streaming video greeting cards, video product
marketing presentations, video albums, video resume libraries, viral event
marketing campaigns, or personal voice and video e-mail hosting.”

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