Impulse! Buy Network Signs Additional 50 Sellers

Impulse! Buy Network Inc. in Burlingame, CA said it has now signed more than 50 merchants to participate in its new Internet merchandising service.

Impulse!’s authoring tools allow merchants to create a variety of product
offers, including discount items, auctions, free delivery, etc, and then
distribute them to online consumers through Impulse!’s network of Web sites,
ad networks and e-mail services.

New clients include Cyberian Outpost, Lands End, MicroWarehouse, SportSite
Direct, and The network launched just last month.

Through the Impulse! Buy Network, traditional and online merchants can place
point-of-purchase display offers for their products on Web sites, and thus
encourage people to buy them On Impulse! By enabling merchants to reach
consumers outside their online stores, Impulse! provides sellers a new way to
reach potential customers. the company said.

“By selling on Impulse!, merchandisers can create and place point-of-purchase
displays on high-traffic Web sites to entice people who otherwise had no
intention of shopping,” said Mark H. Goldstein, president and CEO of Impulse!
Buy Network, Inc. “Unlike typical banner ads, On Impulse! offers appear on
large, attention-grabbing ‘Impulse! Racks’ which are the Internet’s equivalent
of end-cap displays and remain stationary on
the high-traffic sites within the distribution network.”

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