Information Builders, CyberSource Link E-Commerce, Enterprise Databases

Information Builders Inc. and CyberSource Corp. formed a technology partnership that will combine CyberSource’s online payment processing and other e-commerce services with Information Builder’s universal enterprise database access capabilities.

This will allow customers to more easily integrate Internet commerce
applications with back office and legacy systems, the companies said.

Information Builders has embedded CyberSource’s API (Application Program
Interface) into its new EDA Enterprise Commerce Services development
environment. Financial terms of the arrangement were not disclosed.

EDA Enterprise Commerce Services is middleware that ties Internet storefronts
to virtually any type of database or transactional system throughout an
enterprise. The embedded CyberSource API enables customers to take advantage
of CyberSource’s suite of electronic commerce services–including fraud
screening, credit card authorization and verification, export control, tax
calculation, and digital product delivery–as part of a comprehensive
enterprise solution.

“Enterprise customers are discovering that Internet commerce is not a
standalone application,” said Greg Quinn, vice president of sales and
marketing at CyberSource. “This partnership seamlessly integrates best-of-
breed front-end commerce services with a company’s entire back-end
infrastructure–from SAP to legacy CICS systems–thus bringing Internet
commerce into the enterprise fold.”

EDA Enterprise Commerce Services is an extension of Information Builder’s EDA
line of middleware. It provides access to virtually any database or
application on any computer platform–75 databases (both relational and
legacy) on 35 platforms–and works with all security systems and network
architectures including messaging, TP, Web, COM and CORBA component

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