Is Microsoft’s Kinect a Breakthrough UI?

For years, Microsoft executives have said the future of computing is what’s known as “natural user interface.” It embraces the idea that the computer should communicate with the human user in a mode that is “natural” for the user — like talking.

HardwareCentral reports that could encompass the use of interactive voice recognition (IVR), which is becoming common on many call handling systems. It also includes touching or moving objects or controls that don’t even really exist but instead are virtual controls — not just for games, but for business computing as well.

After a lot of show and tell over the past year-and-a-half, customers will finally get their hands on Kinect, Microsoft’s new controller-less game controller for Xbox 360. Kinect uses sensors to enable players to control the game with movements and gestures — sensing their motions in three dimensions.

Ever since it first unveiled what was then known as “Project Natal,” Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has been working on building anticipation among game players.

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Microsoft’s Kinect Points to a Future of Gestures

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