Just4Biz.com Launches to Aid Small-to-Medium Businesses

Just4Biz.com launched a site that uses
volume buying to bring discounted, name-brand office supplies and services to
small-to-medium-sized businesses.

At the same time, the company announced an alliance to offer payroll
processing services in conjunction with Automatic Data Processing (ADP).

The company operates an “I-Marketing” program that provides virtual
e-storefronts customers with products from manufacturers and suppliers
(Alliance Partners) to its local distributors (Associate Partners). When
customers enter an e-storefront they will find all of the products and
services offered through Just4Biz’s network of alliances.

“Just4Biz focuses on what we call the I-Marketing value drivers that meet the
needs of small-to-medium businesses while offering the highest level of
after-sales care for customer retention and affinity building,” said Glenn
Keels, Just4Biz vice president of sales and marketing. “I-Marketing value
drivers include instant channel delivery via the Internet, private label
packaging, loyalty and customer retention programs, buying pattern data,
incremental revenue streams and customer relationship development.”

The customized e-storefront can serve as an associate’s sole Web site or can
be linked to an existing home page. The system allows them to gain additional
revenue while acquiring and retaining customers with no up front capital
costs, the company said. It also, in effect, extends their product lines by
partnering them with complementary products and services.

Products and services include office and janitorial supplies, office, payroll
processing, Internet access and hosting, long distance telephone service,
custom-printing, business credit cards and computer sales.

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