Keynote To Measure Streaming Performance, Quality

Keynote, a provider of Internet performance measurement, is bringing its talents to the streaming industry.

The Streaming Perspective service, which will launch in July, provides measurement performance and defines the quality
of streaming audio and video on the Internet.

With the product, Web-site operators can measure the performance of both on-demand and live
content as experienced by users in various locations; compare the performance
of their site to those of competitors and to industry benchmarks from the
Keynote Streaming Media Index; assure that users see and hear the intended
quality and that the site achieves quality of service benchmarks; diagnose
performance problems at the server or in the Internet infrastructure with
Keynote’s diagnostic tools, and improve Web-site performance by implementing
design and technology solutions based on identified problems.

Keynote’s scale and Streaming Perspective service are supported by such industry leaders as Adero, Akamai , Digital Island , Enron , iBeam ,
Intel , Microsoft , The MTVi Group and RealNetworks .

The company also announced the Keynote Scale for Streaming, a standard to rank and compare Web-site streaming quality on a scale from one to ten. The Keynote Scale assesses the quality of audio and video streams on
the Internet by logically combining the relevant encoding and delivery
factors that effect stream quality.

In addition, Keynote will develop the Keynote Audio and Video Streaming
Indexes as industry standards to help the entire streaming industry
develop quantifiable roadmaps for performance improvement and to establish
current and future benchmarks for vendor excellence.

“The quality of streaming content on the Web, both audio and video, is
effected by many complex variables, from server capacity to available
bandwidth, backbone differences and the current state of the technology,”
said Matt Parks, product manager for Keynote’s Streaming Perspective service.
“We’re giving Web broadcasters for the first time the means to measure and
improve the experience of users accessing their streaming content by
discovering what technologies and approaches maximize performance.”

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