Keynote Updates Transaction Measurement Service

Keynote Systems released version 2 of the
Keynote Perspective Transaction service, which measures the performance of
multi-page interactive e-commerce transactions such as shopping and
electronic banking.

E-commerce sites can use the new version to obtain detailed measurement and
analysis of each step of a transaction in order to optimize and assure
consistent quality of service, the company said.

The new version supports the variety of techniques used in e-commerce
transactions today including personalization of individual transaction
streams for repeat visitors using persistent-cookie technology as well as interactive browser pop-up
windows and javascript menus.

Transaction measurements are performed by automated computers deployed in a
selected set of major cities and locations where they are connected to the
major Internet backbones of MCI WorldCom/UUNET Sprint, GTE/BBN, Cable &
Wireless Verio and others.

The new version is available on an outsourced subscription basis, with
interactive graphical transaction analysis delivered over the Internet to any
standard Web
browser or email in-box.

Prices begin at $995 per month for hourly
measurements for a 5-page transaction from each of the top 10 U.S. metro
areas, with each additional transaction page priced at $195 per month.

The Keynote Perspective Transaction service employs a browser-based recorder
that is used to record and play back a transaction sequence at a desktop PC
without requiring any complicated scripting language or technical expertise.

The recorder captures the
exact sequence of web pages, form fields, and hyperlinks that an online user
navigates in performing an interactive transaction.

The recorded transaction is then distributed to Keynote’s measurement
computers on the Internet backbones where it is at desired intervals in order
to collect, analyze and report detailed measurement data about each step of
the transaction.

A Broadband Option for transactions from cable-modem and DSL connections will
be available in 30 days.

Keynote says it captures more than 12 million performance measurements daily
using its infrastructure of over 220 measurements in over 50 metropolitan
areas worldwide.

Customers include AdForce,, CDNow, DoubleClick, Compaq Computer,
Cisco Systems, Dell Computer, Digex and The SABRE Group, among others.

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