Exciting Trip to the Net

Despite its name, (MQST)
has been in existence before the
creation of the Internet. That is, the company was founded in 1967.

In those days before PCs, MapQuest developed traditional mapping
products. However, the company was smart enough to evolve with the march of

For example, it was in 1989 that the company moved into digital mapping.
Then, in the first quarter of 1996, the company hit the Web, with its site.

New Opportunities

The market for traditional mapping products was about $1.6 billion in

However, with the emergence of the Net, the digital mapping market
should start to show strong growth.

Mapping has become a permanent part of every portal. And most of
these portals choose MapQuest.

A great feature of digital mapping is the opportunity for targeted
advertising. For example, if someone is looking for directions between
Los Angeles and Las Vegas, that person probably needs a hotel

And the audience is massive. According to Media Metrix, about 12
million users accessed maps in June, which is about
19.7 percent reach of the entire Web. That is a bigger reach than eBay, CNET
and even has a blend of revenues. The company derives
advertising and sponsorship revenues from its own portal site, The company also generates licensing revenues with
other Web sites, such as Yahoo!, Lycos and Infoseek.

New Uses

The company has been very innovative in evolving its product.
Recently, signed an agreement with SpeechWorks to use
speech recognition to get over-the-phone directions.

Another smart use of the technology is for wireless technologies. For
example, signed an agreement to implement its
technology in the Nokia 7100 media cell phones. has similar agreements with Sprint PCS and Yahoo!

There are also global opportunities. entered an
agreement with to provide Spanish-language mapping to
the online portal. After all, there are about 30 million Hispanics in the
US. This
population segment is expected to grow to 41 million by 2010.

A big advantage with is that its technology may be
customized. Take its agreement with The company
needed the technology to allow for searches based on approximate
location information. found a solution.


Mapping is a huge endeavor, requiring tremendous resources
and time. It would not make sense for a company to develop this in-
house; rather, it is something to outsource.

Yes, so far, it looks like is going the right direction.

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