LiteSpeed Technologies Using Mercantec SoftCart

Web hosting company LiteSpeed Technologies Ltd. signed an
agreement to offer its customers the use of Mercantec’s SoftCart, an electronic
commerce application used for online sales transactions.

The agreement will allow LiteSpeeds’ customers to create a new virtual store
or add commerce capabilities to an existing Web site. Product information from
existing inventory, point of sale, and database programs can easily be
imported into pre-designed Softcart Web templates. Financial arrangements were
not disclosed.

Mercantec’s SoftCart software can automatically take an aggregated order,
calculate tax and shipping charges, and offer a variety of secure online or
offline payment systems. Because SoftCart uses open standards, these commerce
capabilities can be integrated with the customer’s existing accounting,
inventory, order entry, and fulfillment systems.

“With SoftCart, LiteSpeed Technologies will provide a flexible line of
commerce software that enables merchants with any level of expertise to
implement an online store,” said Ronald J. Manera, president and founder of

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