Maagnum E-Commerce Offers a Faster E-Commerce App

Maagnum E-Commerce Services, a global electronic commerce outsourcing company, announced a new high-speed electronic commerce service called E-Runner.

E-Runner was designed for companies selling business-to-business and business-to-consumer services and products online that have clients demanding higher performance and availability.

“The time it takes to check out of a Web site and bring the groceries home is
getting ridiculous”, the company said. “Our research shows consumers are
willing to switch Web stores at the drop of a hat for quicker, more reliable
payment processing and faster product delivery.”

The E-Runner service uses a proprietary distributed payment and download
routing application to speed e-commerce processes, Cheshire, CT-based Maagnum said.

E-Runner pilots are underway with several companies from the publishing,
recording, and software industries. The application will be generally available in the third quarter.

Pricing was not disclosed.

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