MaxNet Launches “Big-Auction” Site

MaxNet in launched an auction site
called “Big-Auction,” with “a focus
similar to that of a classified ad database, blended with Audio-Ads and
Streaming Video with an easy to use bid platform.”

“Our plans include a mail in bid as well as a posting capability, a link into our upcoming phonebook (Webphonebook) where a user can send an item directly to (other) users that subscribe to that
user’s Internet presence, and auctioneer channels where an individual user can
prospect for a vertical market within the user and visitor base and send rich
media ads directly to them,” said Michael Marsowicz, MXNT’s chief technical officer.

MXNT’s Big-Auction is being constructed as a business community interwoven
with retail channels and vertical advertising models.

“MXNT looked closely at Egghead, OnSale and Ebay and admitted that they developed amazing systems yet still lacked a simplistic interface and Streaming Media,” said I. Goldreich, COO of MXNT. “We believe that our business model will offer something to the entire Internet community.”

MXNT said it seeks to provide a platform where Internet users can develop a
chunk of virtual real estate and integrate audio, video and off line
communities into MXNT’s Big-Auction community. The site is a TRUSTe member.

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