Microsoft Launches Insurance Center with InsWeb’s Support

Juiced by InsWeb Corp.’s technology, Microsoft Corp. Thursday launched the MSN
Insurance Center.

Consumers who visit the MSN Insurance Center at the MSN MoneyCentral finance service
will be able to shop for insurance easier, access expert advice and participate in
step-by-step workshops.

InsWeb (InsWeb),
a leading online insurance marketplace, allows consumers at the MSN
Insurance Center to research, compare and select coverage for auto, term life,
home, renters and individual health insurance through InsWeb’s 49 participating
insurance providers.

Through Microsoft’s agreement with InsWeb, consumers can now shop for insurance across the MSN network, including through the MSN HomeAdvisor online real estate service and
the MSN CarPoint
online automotive service, which provide convenient access to home or auto

“MSN is dedicated to providing consumers with the most complete selection of
leading financial tools and
information in one place on the Web, and our alliance with InsWeb is a
significant extension of this,” said
Erik Jorgensen, product unit manager for MSN MoneyCentral.

Features of the insurance center include:

  • InsWeb’s online marketplace — users can request multiple quotes and
    information from leading insurers participating at InsWeb’s online

  • Easy insurance selection — visitors can select insurance coverage
    online through leading carriers on InsWeb.

  • Do-it-yourself tools — insurance estimates can be quickly and easily
    reviewed through interactive features such as the Homeowners
    Insurance Quick Estimate and the Auto Coverage Analyzer. These tools
    can help consumers better understand a range of factors that may
    affect their insurance premiums and coverage choices

  • Life insurance needs estimator — consumers can use this calculator to
    quickly help determine the appropriate level of life insurance
    coverage, based on several financial variables such as one-time
    expenses, years of need and other assets

In May, Microsoft’s Japanese unit agreed to a 2 percent stake in InsWeb by buying shares from SOFTBANK, which owned 53 percent of InsWeb.

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