, Elektra Launch Targeted Email, Inc. Thursday launched a service designed to introduce consumers to new music from major labels via demographically and geographically targeted email.

The initial application of the singleserving email service,’s first joint initiative with a major record label, is expected to rollout featuring Elektra Entertainment’s recording artist VAST. Elektra is a a division of Warner Music Group.

Singleserving offers major labels the ability to complement traditional offline radio promotion efforts by tightly targeting and directly contacting music listeners in important radio markets where the label’s artist is receiving airplay.

The email adds song impressions in the targeted market and provides market research utilizing singleserving’s back-end data-capture functionality.

Singleserving delivers a streaming full-length radio edit of an artist’s single, encoded in MP3 format, to consumers. The email also contains a link to the artist or label’s Web site, a viral forward-to-a-friend link, radio and MTV request links, and a “buy” button that can be linked to a label-selected retailer, allowing the user to purchase music immediately online.

“The singleserving email service is groundbreaking in that it gives major labels the opportunity to achieve full media saturation immediately upon the release of new music,” said Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive of

“Our technology infrastructure, our enormous database and our enthusiastic, passionate community will give record labels a remarkable complement to their traditional promotional and marketing efforts.”

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