Musicmatch Introduces Personal MP3 Radio

MusicMatch, Inc has introduced its personal MP3 radio, MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0, which features MusicMatch Radio, MP3 radio personalized for each music fan. By ‘opting in’ to the MusicMatch personalization service, music fans can access customized stations that match their music tastes with those of other listeners in the MusicMatch community, with each member experiencing a personalized selection of music.

“MusicMatch Radio automatically creates the MP3 Playlists you’d create yourself if you had the time,” said Dennis Mudd, CEO of MusicMatch, Inc. “Sometimes music fans want to create their own Playlists, but often they’d rather let a DJ do it for them. Now MusicMatch Jukebox gives listeners both options in one player.” Music fans can choose from four types of customized MusicMatch Radio stations:

  1. My Station creates a personal MusicMatch Radio station that delivers a unique selection of hits and new singles based on what the music fan has already played through the MusicMatch Jukebox. If using MusicMatch for the first time, listeners provide the name of three favorite artists to jumpstart their personal station Playlist.
  2. Artist Match allows fans to create an entire station based on an artist, which includes music by that artist, as well as songs by similar artists, as determined by the listening preferences of MusicMatch community members.
  3. Station Match gives music fans the power to be their own DJ by creating a customized station that contains a variety of popular formats. Music fans can mix different radio formats including R&B, Oldies and 80s Hits, to create one customized format station.
  4. Popular Formats features 18 exclusive stations programmed by top radio industry veterans, such as Top Hits, Alternative Rock, Rap & Hip-Hop and Smooth Jazz – each of which are personalized to include each fan’s favorites within the selected format. All MusicMatch Radio stations are programmed using the same scientifically designed techniques that have been proven to work in traditional radio to increase the time listeners stay tuned in, while decreasing listener burn out.

“Most Internet radio stations either sound like a shuffling of CDs from the 1980s or are simply terrestrial stations rebroadcasting their content online,” said David Bean, recognized radio and music industry expert and vice president of programming for MusicMatch, Inc. “By blending our music personalization technology with the science of broadcast radio programming, we’re able to take radio to the next level.”

The beta version of MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0 is available for download at .

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