MusicMatch Jukebox Integrates MP3, Windows Media

The new MusicMatch Jukebox 4.1 lets users with high-speed Internet access
seamlessly integrate CD-quality streamed music, digital music recorded from
CD in MP3 or Windows Media Audio formats, vinyl or cassette libraries, and
CD-quality tracks downloaded from the Internet into single play lists.

can now create personalized CD-quality play lists that link into huge
selections of streamed MP3s around the world, including tens of thousands of
CD-quality tracks at Users can also save streamed playlists and
share them via email with friends, who can then simply click on the playlist
file to listen to the streamed tracks within MusicMatch Jukebox.

MusicMatch Jukebox 4.1 also lets users choose from approximately
1,500 CD-quality tracks available for download or streaming from within a new,
completely integrated Net Music Internet music browser. The new Net Music
browser allows users to easily browse through extensive collections of full
length, CD-quality Internet music within the MusicMatch Jukebox interface.

MusicMatch Jukebox also integrates the ability to record and play files in
the Windows Media Audio format. All MusicMatch Jukebox users can now
record in MP3 and WMA formats. Native Windows Media Audio support is
available to provide high-quality audio with smaller file sizes.

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