MusicMatch Jukebox Intros Online Guide

MusicMatch Inc., a developer of digital audio software, Thursday introduced a jukebox-based solution for online discovery and acquisition of music.

Integrated within the company’s Jukebox listening environment, the MusicMatch
Guide offers a variety of tools including the ability to obtain personalized recommendations on artists, albums and
individual tracks; access to free downloadable tracks from well-known and
indie artists; and popular music charts that reflect the overall listening
preferences of the MusicMatch community.

The MusicMatch software provides personalized daily recommendations on new artists, albums,
tracks and free downloads; instant recommendations based on the
listening tastes of its community as a whole; searches for CDs and free downloadable music by recording artists; and a ranking of the top 500 artists, albums and
tracks listened to by its community.

The software also offers two new fully integrated visualization plug-ins, G-Force and WhiteCap. Viewable within the MusicMatch Jukebox Media Window, these present an array of colors, shapes
and patterns that move to the rhythm of the music, providing visual accompaniment to their music.

Existing Jukebox users must have version 5.1 of MusicMatch Jukebox to take advantage of these new
visualization plug-ins. The plug-ins are available from within the
MusicMatch Jukebox or from the company’s Web site.

In addition to enhanced custom CD
printing capabilities, MusicMatch Jukebox Plus offers faster MP3 recording
and CD burning speeds.

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