NetRadio Unveils New E-Commerce Strategy

Internet broadcasting pioneer NetRadio Network in Minneapolis, a subsidiary of Navarre Corp., is launching something it calls “c-commerce,” or “content-enabled commerce.”

The launch of music sales site CDPoint was the first phase, the company said. The new initiative integrates both content and commerce in a way that will ultimately allow NetRadio’s listeners to simply “listen, click, and purchase” whatever is being offered.

“We are attacking a fundamental flaw in the traditional e-commerce model–namely, the staggering cost of attracting customers,” said Jan Andersen,
NetRadio’s senior vice president of sales and marketing.

“Because we use content to attract customers, and not huge transfer payments
to a few heavily trafficked sites, our breakeven point is significantly lower
than that of our competitors. The nature of our 150+ music and infotainment
channels allows NetRadio to connect to the listener, even when he or she is
otherwise browsing or working on applications, as well as to integrate
relevant commercial messages. These messages can then be targeted at very narrow demographic and psychographic segments . . . all of which are available for immediate purchase within the NetRadio Network.”

The company plans to integrate promotional messages within the site’s audio
channels and Web pages to rapidly complete the advertising-to-purchase
cycle, all within the network.

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