NetUSA Establishes Alliance With Digital River

NetUSA said it reached an agreement with Digital River Inc. under which each company will give the users of its Web site the ability to search the databases of the other and the ability to purchase software distributed by both companies.

Both NetUSA, under its Software Center division, and Digital River have extensive listings of commercial software available on the Internet. Revenue sharing arrangements were not disclosed.

NetUSA said it also plans to further increase the profitability of its
Software Center by signing agreements with software vendors to
electronically distribute their
software on Software Center as well as to advertise them.

“Digital River provides a great service to consumers, as do we,” said NetUSA President Dr. Wun C. Chiou Sr. “By working together, we hope to make the consumers’ experiences even better” Through this cooperation with Digital River, and through our current effort to put all available commercial software, shareware and free software tools on one database, we believe that NetUSA Software Center will be a dominant player in the electronic software marketplace beyond the year 2000.”

NetUSA has three division, Telecom for Internet phone and fax services; Web Services for Web solutions for businesses including site hosting; and Software.

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