New Authorizer Payment Software Supports Up to 10,000 Merchants

Atomic Software,
publisher of the Authorizer for Windows payment package, delivered a new
version–Multiple Merchants–designed for ISPs and Web designers that
supports up to 10,000 separate merchant accounts.

“Web site order forms are becoming Internet cash registers, with credit cards
the payment of choice for merchants,” said Walter Murphy, Atomic’s vice
president of business development. “With this version of Authorizer, ISPs can
offer secure payment processing to Web merchants at an extremely attractive price.”

Credit cards can be accepted and authorized in real time–Web sites can
release product or grant access after obtaining a credit card authorization–or in batch mode–authorization can be obtained prior to the shipment of goods.

ISPs can install Authorizer on a host and maintain each Web site accepting credit cards as a separate merchant account, Atomic said. A Web merchant would need to be approved to accept credit cards by a financial institution. With Authorizer running on the ISP host, transactions are routed to the Web
merchant’s credit card network for authorization. The approvals are then passed through the ISP host back to the Web merchant. In the case of a decline, that message would also be passed back to the Web merchant.

Whatever security the ISP provides to the site is extended to the credit card
information captured via the order form. Pricing was not disclosed.

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