NGAGE Integrates Sales, Transaction Solutions

NGAGE ELECTRONIC COMMERCE unveiled its COMMERCE EXPRESS application, a new browser-based e-commerce solution designed to allow small businesses to create and manage their own online catalog of up to 10,000 items, and have all the transaction processing elements essential for doing business online.

Introduced at Comdex Canada ’98 in Toronto, COMMERCE EXPRESS combines the features of high-end catalog building software and NGAGE ELECTRONIC
COMMERCE’s secure transaction management. NGAGE said the result is a totally integrated sales and transaction management system without the need for new software or significant technical expertise or equipment.

According to NGAGE, the new product makes a customized electronic catalog
affordable even to smaller businesses, thus leveling the e-commerce playing field.

“COMMERCE EXPRESS will blow open the doors of electronic commerce, and will
make doing business online accessible and affordable in the same way the
free distribution of Web browsers helped broaden the use of the Internet for
general communications and research,” said Karen Taraska, Business Manager,

“Until now, businesses needed a catalog-building application and a separate
transaction management capability. With COMMERCE EXPRESS, we have integrated
these vital elements, to make doing business online as easy as logging onto the Internet,” Taraska added.

COMMERCE EXPRESS is scheduled for availability to businesses in Canada and the U.S. in September.

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