No Macs at Apple’s WWDC an Issue?

So how could Steve Jobs talk for 90 minutes and not mention the Macintosh once? Well, argue analysts and a developer, this is the year of the iPhone and iPad. Mac is selling well, but is it being neglected? Datamation says not to worry.

The forgotten child at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference this year was the device that made the company what it is in the first place: the Macintosh computer. CEO Steve Jobs was on stage for an hour and a half, minus a few minutes for guests, and didn’t mention the Mac once. It was almost an entirely iPhone 4 affair.

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) shed the “Computer” portion of its name in 2007, a recognition then that it was moving beyond just its Macintosh line into devices. But the Mac remained an important part of Apple’s family. When it pulled out of the MacWorld conference after 2009, one of the arguments Apple made was that it would make its own Mac news announcements on its own schedule.

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What Does the Mac’s Non-Presence at Apple’s WWDC Mean?

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