Dell Debuts Fresh Storage, Virtualization Gear

Dell’s strategy to provide enterprise customers with the hardware and services they need to implement best-of-breed servers, storage arrays and blade servers rather goes a bit against the grain of current computing philosophy.

But as Server Watch reports, Dell isn’t too concerned about perception. It’s more interested in generating buzz for its latest line of storage arrays, servers and virtualization services to simplify life for IT administrators.

The new Dell EqualLogic PS6000XVS and PS6010XVS are the first storage arrays to combine platter-based hard drives with solid-state drives (SSDs) in a single enclosure. The SSD drives are used to store “hot data,” data that’s being frequently accessed, while the hard disks will hold “colder,” less-needed data.

For the mid-range, Dell is introducing the PowerVault MD3200 and PowerVault MD3200i storage arrays, which offer twice the performance, host support and capacity scalability over the previous generation of products.

Other IT hardware providers may be embracing the unified computing model, but Dell is not buying into it. The firm continues to argue for a best-of-breed approach that lets the customer choose what solutions they want for network, storage and computing. It just so happens Dell is offering all three.

The company today announced a series of new EqualLogic storage products, PowerConnect networking solutions and PowerEdge blade servers plus new Dell Storage, Virtualization and Support Services, all aimed at firms looking to deploy virtualization services. Dell has already been on a bit of a hot streak thanks to renewed spending on servers and storage.

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Dell Debuts Fresh Storage, Virtualization Gear

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