Online Bookselling Venture Signs With Net Perceptions

said that its Net
Perceptions for E-Commerce solution has been selected to handle Web site
personalization for BOL, the upcoming global online book-selling venture of
Bertelsmann AG.

“Net Perceptions will allow us to provide our online customers with
knowledgeable, personalized service,” said Chip Austin, CEO of BOL. “From the
first visit, the software interacts with customers much as an experienced
salesperson would, getting to know their individual interests and tastes, then
making recommendations accordingly.”

BOL’s application of Net Perceptions’ software represents one of the most
extensive uses of the technology, the companies said. Within the limits of its
privacy considerations, BOL will employ both implicit and explicit data
gathering in order to generate specific customer ratings.

The site will offer customers an array of personalization choices allowing
them to get ratings quickly with a Book Chooser function and then continue on
to develop a long-term relationship using the BOL Recommendation Center.

“Net Perceptions software learns continually and gets smarter with each
customer interaction. Eventually, Net Perceptions’ technology will affect the
content of each page of the BOL site, tailoring it to the customer’s specific
tastes,” said Steven Snyder, president and CEO of Net Perceptions. “From the
first visit, customers can utilize the Book Chooser function, and after
entering three authors they like, they will get recommendations of other books
they are likely to enjoy.”

The site will also offer a unique privacy policy element to users. Customers
will be able to update their personalized profiles and revise ratings that
were submitted to the site. Customers will also have access to information on
their BOL purchasing history.

Incorporated in 1996, Net Perceptions develops online collaborative filtering
technology and is the originator of the Realtime Recommendation Platform,
which integrates collaborative filtering, neural network, fuzzy logic and
genetic algorithm technologies, and automatically applies the optimum
technology to whatever recommendation or personalization task is at hand.

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