Online Dating Site, Banner Exchange Service On the Block

WorldPort Internet said it will auction off two of its Web businesses–an online dating site and a banner exchange service–using another of its properties, AuctionBoard.

To be sold at auction are, an online dating site that claims more than 53,000 members, and, an ad banner exchange network that claims more than 40,000 members.

Bids for WebMatch will start at $50,000 and increase in increments of $20,000,
WorldPort said. Bids for BannerSwap start at $600,000 and increase in
increments of $25,000.

“Back in 1996, we created WebMatch to test out database technologies, and try
our hand at virtual community building. Before we knew it, the site had taken
on a complete life of its own,” said Albert Lopez, CEO of WorldPort Internet.
“WebMatch grew to 53,000 members and developed a very loyal following in the
United States, Asia and Europe. Now, the site is ready to go out on its own
and thrive as an independent business.”

WorldPort Internet, the parent company of both sites, specializes in Internet-based business solutions for universities and financial companies. “WebMatch
just doesn’t fit our current business model . . . we decided that an online
auction was the perfect way to sell a successful cyberproperty.”

It’s basically the same with BannerSwap. “The number of banners in the
BannerSwap network just kept growing and growing, until suddenly we had over
40,000 members in the database,” Lopez said. “Once the site grew to those
proportions, we know we had a real winner on our hands.”

The auction opened on the evening of Monday, June 15, and will end on Thursday, July 16. Bidders will be asked to register on the site and to secure their bid with a credit card.

WorldPort said it regards the bids as ‘intentions to buy’ with the final
winner of the site being someone who has negotiated with WorldPort in a face-

“The final purchase will obviously not be done with a credit card. We expect
the winning bid of the site to be many times higher than the $50,000 opening
bid. We’re making sure we screen out phony bids. Anyone who bids on the
property is getting themselves into the game, and negotiations will proceed
from there. Interested buyers are advised to get their initial bid in quickly.
Due to the established virtual community around WebMatch, we expect a high
level of interest in the site,” said Lopez.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, WorldPort Internet is an e-business
consulting service for the education and financial industries.

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