OpenSite Delivers “Dynamic” Commerce Technology

E-commerce application provider OpenSite delivered what it calls a
next-generation dynamic commerce technology called Dynamic Pricing Engine

The company also said it is now shipping two new products based on this
technology. OpenSite’s Dynamic Pricing Toolkit will provide a flexible
dynamic commerce application that customers can build upon, while OpenSite’s
AuctionNow is an online auction hosting solution.

“D-commerce, in which pricing is subject to dynamic interaction among buyers
and sellers, is the purest form of supply and demand economics,” said Kip
Frey, OpenSite CEO and president.

“OpenSite is the first vendor to arm
customers with a complete set of tools they need to build d-commerce
applications and evolve them over time as their business needs change.”

One initial customer is

“Our migration from OpenSite
Auction to DPT will provide us with the opportunity to further customize our
highly-specialized online auctions and create a more sophisticated and
user-friendly auction experience for our art buyers and sellers,” said Jay
Greenberg, senior developer.

Dynamic Pricing Engine is based on an open architecture, allowing it to
integrate with other e-commerce applications or special-purpose add-ons developed using
OpenSite’s Dynamic Pricing Toolkit.

DPE also includes a high availability,
high performance d-commerce server, in which all the business rules and core
functionality is located.

The Dynamic Pricing Toolkit is shipped with a sample application and user
interface, giving developers a foundation to work with.

AuctionNow, described as a turnkey auction app, gives businesses an
opportunity to develop unique auction galleries for individual departments
and product lines, the company said.

Price points were not disclosed. OpenSite, which markets a variety of dynamic
pricing software and services, claims an installed base of over
300 customer sites.

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