Oracle Commits to Sun Sparc Development

Oracle is planning to throw the full weight of its resources behind Sun’s Sparc family of processors and x86 systems. The fate of the technology had been a bit uncertain following Oracle’s acquisition, but the company cleared up any lingering confusion at an event this week.

Not only will Oracle continue to develop the Sparc line, it hopes to double the performance every two years, and bring a 128-core processor to market by 2015.

Oracle said it will develop Sparc along two tracks — the high-end M series and the energy-efficient, mass-volume T series. Server Watch takes a look.

EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. – Oracle kicked off a road show on its next generation data center strategy by committing to continue to develop and push the performance of Sun’s Sparc processors and x86 systems.

The company also detailed a new version 11 of the Solaris operating system due out next year.

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