PenguinRadio Goes Live365

Live365, an Internet radio community, struck a non-exclusive licensing agreement Thursday with PenguinRadio to offer more than 29,000 Live365 stations through PenguinRadio’s player.

PenguinRadio (based in Washington, D.C. with a hardware development crew based in Sunnyvale) is developing a stand-alone Linux-based Internet audio device as well as a platform for bringing Internet radio to mobile phones.

The deal means Foster City-based Live 365 can again expand its member’s stations beyond its own player and off the PC. The company created the one of the first streaming MP3 players for the Pocket PC, and already offers all its stations on 3Com’s Kerbango portable Internet radio player.

“This partnership reflects our desire to give consumers the ability to tune in to our vast array of music and other audio content in a variety of settings, whether relaxing in the living room or running in the park,” says Live365 Executive VP John Jeffrey.

Penguin’s player is expected to cost somewhere around $200 to $250, depending on parts and license fees. The company’s is a low-res version of, which will let cell phone, Palms and other PDA’s receive streaming media feeds to search the net for radio and music sources without heavy graphics and complicated Web pages. Both are expected to debut later this year.

“Our goal has always been to deliver any Internet radio station in the world to any place on Earth,” says PenguinRadio CEO Andrew Leyden.

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