Planet City Software Delivers “E-COMM-KIT”

Planet City
in Montreal,
Canada, delivered its new E-COMM-KIT, calling it “E-Commerce with Eeze” that
“brings e-commerce to the masses without massive overhead.”

The E-COMM-KIT provides simple tools needed to set up a commercial Web site,
including more than 100 templates and Web icons, as well as Web design
tutorials. In addition, it includes ready to post banner ads, provides users
with the ability to easily create online promotions and search engine links,
and also offers simple financial features to keep track of sales (fully
portable to most popular accounting packages).

The application can be used in conjunction with a Planet City-provided back
office support system, or with any other back office system the user wishes.

Other features include a client database that allows businesses to keep track
of their customers, an inventory control system to monitor sales and product
inventory levels, and credit card authorization facilities that use the latest
generation security protocols on the Internet.

“When the E-COMM-KIT is used in conjunction with our highly flexible
back-end processing service, the
result is a fully integrated e-commerce solution that is easier to use and
significantly more cost-effective than any other competing alternative,”
said Rudy Rupak, president of Planet City Software.

Planet City Software said it plans to focus its sales and marketing efforts
for the E-COMM-KIT towards computer resellers, as these are the sales
organizations which most small businesses approach to learn more about
developing an e-commerce site. Pricing was not disclosed.

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