Portal for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Launches

San Antonio, TX-based billserv.com Inc. launched a preview version of bills.com, an Internet portal where consumers
will be able to pay all their bills online at no charge.

When launched later this year, bills.com also will enable billers to present
electronic bills for payment for little or no cost, unlike other bill
presentment sites, the company said. bills.com is a wholly owned subsidiary
of billserv.com.

Beginning immediately, consumers can register at bills.com to learn more
about electronic billing and designate the bills they would like to pay
online. Subscribers will receive regular updates from bills.com on the
portal’s progress, partnerships and launch activities.

“bills.com will become the starting point on the Internet where billers
deliver their bills and consumers pay them,” said David Jones, creator of
bills.com and senior vice president of billserv.com. “Electronic bill
presentment and payment is the next significant business application for the
Internet. . .We see the portal business model as the perfect means to create
value for billers and consumers by using partnerships and advertising to
offset the costs normally charged to users.”

billserv.com plans to develop bills.com through sponsorships and partnerships
with e-commerce companies, advertisers and online content providers. In
addition to offering electronic bill presentment and payment services,
bills.com will offer traditional
portal services, including newsfeeds, stock quotes and links to other related
e-commerce sites.

billserv.com said it has formal business relationships with several major
electronic bill payment companies.

“Bills must be paid every month, which means that bills.com will have a
subscriber base who visits the portal regularly,” said Michael Long, CEO of
billserv.com. “This guaranteed base of ‘sticky eyeballs’ creates tremendous
value for partners, sponsors and advertisers who will reach consumers through

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