Radio Free Virgin Moves From PC to Set-Top Boxes

Radio Free Virgin, a digital radio broadcasting company, has agreed to partner with Digital eStation to expand its current PC offerings to the Digital eBox, an Internet-based entertainment system delivered through a set-top box and user interface system. The Digital eBox contains a convergence hardware platform for all forms of digital entertainment.

As part of the agreement, Digital eStation will offer its users Radio Free Virgin’s music programming through the Digital eBox, giving subscribers access to Radio Free Virgin’s 40 streaming channels through the user’s television via a remote tuner.

According to representatives for Digital eStation, the Digital eBox is built to receive and translate all existing bandwidth rates, broadcast signals, and digital content, and is compatible with all forms of broadcasting, including cable, satellite, and broadband

The Digital eBox units will come pre-installed and cobranded with the Radio Free Virgin Player, providing an easy link for users to get Radio Free Virgin’s programming. The Radio Free Virgin Player also provides users with the option of recording favorite songs from any Radio Free Virgin station for playback later.

“The Digital eBox marks our first move off the PC desktop and demonstrates an important aspect of our offline distribution strategy,” said Zack Zalon, general manager of Radio Free Virgin, in a prepared statement. “Because we have invested in programming that can’t be found on traditional radio stations and technology to ensure a quality listening experience, which includes the ability to record, we’re building a brand that will prove valuable to our distribution partners as well as compelling to our audience.”

Financials details of the agreement were not disclosed.

Based in Santa Monica, Calif., Radio Free Virgin is a unit of Virgin Audio Holdings, LLC. The company is funded by Richard Branson.

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