Do You Lasoo?

Lasoo Inc. ( has launched its geographic filter technology. The technology
makes it quick and easy for users to look for businesses, services and websites where it’s relevant to them, be it their neighborhood, city center or travel destination.

Apparently, the Toronto-based company has amassed more than 25 million geographically linked data records so far and is rapidly expanding its worldwide database, with plans to incorporate user-input in the near future.

“We’re delighted to announce that our location-based software is designed, tested and ready for sale to customers world wide,” says Peter Leishman, Chairman and CEO of Lasoo Inc.

According to Leishman, his compamy is well-suited to meet the growing demand for local content in the Internet marketplace. “We look forward to establishing commercial partnerships with portals, ISPs, wireless telecom operators, cable companies and corporate clients,” says the CEO.

One Canadian broadband company is already excited about Lasoo’s technology. Excite Canada will be the first company to deploy the technology.

“We are looking forward to giving our [email protected] high-speed Internet users the chance to trial Lasoo,” says Hugh Stuart, President, Excite Canada. “Local content is important, and we believe our users are going to like Lasoo’s unique blend of maps and information”.

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