Real-Time E-Commerce Revenue Tracking App Launched

WebTrends Corp. recently released WebTrends Live, an ASP platform for
real-time Web site visitor analysis, e-commerce tracking and online marketing
campaign management at high-volume sites.

The product provides secure reporting, including patent pending e-commerce
tracking functionality for analysis of marketing efforts, visitor
demographics, buyer behavior and sales cycles, the company said.

In addition, WebTrends Live provides the ability to correlate e-commerce data
with Web site visitor behavior, providing a reliable way to calculate ROI for
marketing campaigns while maintaining “the highest standards of privacy and
security,” the company said.

Designed and built as an e-service, WebTrends Live requires no hardware or
software and is priced on a pay-as-you-go subscription basis.

WebTrends said it certifies the accuracy of reports and can send certified
reports via e-mail, providing third-party, unbiased information about Web
site traffic to executives,
investors, advertising agencies, advertising customers and strategic partners.

“WebTrends Live is a significant milestone for our company and our customers,
providing the only true e-commerce revenue tracking ASP solution available,”
said Eli Shapira CEO of WebTrends.

WebTrends Live is available in three editions:

  • eCommerce Edition — Featuring e-commerce revenue tracking to show revenue
    over time by product, differentiate between browsers vs. buyers, and track
    revenue from first time vs. repeat buyers.

  • Enterprise Edition –Traffic analysis for any Web site, from single server
    sites to large multi-server clusters.

  • Personal Edition — Basic traffic analysis for very small sites, provided free
    of charge in exchange for placing WebTrends advertising on pages that are

Other WebTrends products include WebTrends Enterprise Suite, WebTrends
Enterprise Reporting Server, WebTrends CommerceTrends, WebTrends Log
Analyzer, WebTrends Professional Suite, WebTrends Security Analyzer, and
WebTrends for Firewalls and VPNs.

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