Report: Users Over 55 Impacting E-Commerce

A new report by consumer researcher @plan found that
there are 4.3 million Web users over 55 years old, and they are making a significant impact on e-commerce, especially in categories such as books, business equipment and investing.

According to @plan’s latest numbers, Web users above the age of 55 are 37 percent more likely to purchase books than average adult Web users. Additionally, they are 85 percent more likely to purchase business equipment online, and when it comes to investing, they are 27 percent more likely to purchase stocks and mutual funds online.

Older Web users also share many characteristics, the report found.
Seventy-five percent have at least a college degree, and 45 percent make more than $75,000 per year. Over 50 percent of Web users over 55 also have investment portfolios of over $100,000.

“To maximize profit this is a critical audience for a number of e-retailers and e-marketers,” says Mark K. Wright, CEO of @plan. “Our latest data clearly demonstrates that the 55 plus audience online is a very affluent, highly sophisticated consumer group which is rapidly becoming a key target audience for e-commerce on the Web.”

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