Snap Teams Up with Deja News

In a move aimed at boosting its offerings, portal site
Snap partnered with Deja News to provide users with active
Internet discussion forums.

By clicking on message boards located within specific topic directories,
Snap users can read and search messages on a variety of subjects and add
their own. Links to Deja News will also be found throughout the Snap site.
Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

“Snap offers its users a great variety of valuable information, allowing
them to track everything from the performance of their financial portfolios
to that of their favorite sports team, all from a
central location, “said David Wilson, vice president of marketing for Deja

“Deja News gives these users the ability to discuss and debate the content
they find on Snap with a
worldwide community. The two sites naturally complement one another and
offer users new opportunities to learn and be entertained.”

This has been a busy week for Snap, the portal site jointly owned by NBC
and CNET. On Tuesday the site began to offer a free e-mail service,

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