Streaming Media Ad Advisory Council Launches

The Streaming Media Advertising Advisory Council (SMAAC), a group of the industry’s leading players, Wednesday announced the launch of, an online companion to the Council created in June.

In addition, key executives from Microsoft and have joined the organization.

SMAAC is a group of leading advertising and new media professionals addressing three of the industry’s most pressing issues — ad measurement, ad serving and ad models.

“Streaming media is a very large and important media,” said Bob Meyrowitz, president and chief executive officer,, SMAAC’s sponsor. “But it is because we have chosen to be very specific and, in fact, narrow in our focus, that we have generated such interest among the key players in this industry.”

“We’re excited to join the council to bring advertisers the next generation of marketing,” said Andrew Budkofsky, vice president of sales, Pseudo Programs Inc. “We’re introducing clickable video spots, as well as traditional television opportunities like on-air mentions and product placement integration which, until now, haven’t been offered to the marketplace.”

New members will have the opportunity to participate in one of SMAAC’s three subgroups. The subgroups are addressing the priority areas of audience measurement, effective ad models, and ad serving.

“Our open membership model assures that everyone can come to the table and participate,” said Harvey Goldhersz, president, MediaCom Digital and chairman of the group. “The streaming media advertising industry is worth billions of dollars so it is important that everyone contribute to the shaping of this landscape now.”

The Council launched to post updates and other information. The site will eventually evolve from a bulletin board into a communication tool for members.

SMAAC’s subgroups have been meeting and will report their findings and next steps in July to the Steering Committee. The Council will hold a general membership meeting on September 12. New members are asked to sign-up for a subgroup by July 24.

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