Survey: Internet Radio Doubles

While PCs have always functioned as a work and play tool, the options for PC use in
entertainment have ballooned over the past 12 months, according to a new study.

eBrain Market Research’s 4th Annual Multimedia PC and Internet Audio study found that faster processors and Internet connections, coupled with better sound quality and richer content have resulted in a captivating entertainment experience for the home PC user.

Among consumers with a multimedia PC, 63 percent listen to an online radio
station using their home computer (compared to 33 percent in early 1999),
while three in 10 listen to a station using their work computer. Online radio
listeners are more likely to be male; however, with almost 50 percent of females
listening as well, they are a segment not to be overlooked. In fact, as a
percentage, the number of female multimedia PC owners listening to online
radio stations increased faster than the number of males between early 1999
and early 2000.

The data also suggests consumers are listening to a variety of online radio
stations, topped by rock, talk radio, news, and classical. Overall, 66 percent of multimedia PC owners say the main reason
they like online radio stations is because they allow for reception of
stations in all parts of the country. Only one in 10 say they like online
stations because there are fewer commercials.

The survey was conducted online with a sample of 1,375 multimedia owners during January.

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