US Interactive Launches “E-Roadmap”

US Interactive
introduced what it calls “The E-Roadmap” planning system, an “integrated
planning system that allows an organization a holistic view of the Electronic

E-Roadmap, the company said, is intended both for clients who
want to get involved in e-commerce, and for those who already are but are
dissatisfied with the direction of their current initiatives.

Said Eric Pulier, chairman of US Interactive: “Our E-Roadmap takes a company
to the full realization of the Internet’s business potential: enterprise-wide
command of electronic commerce, enterprise marketing, knowledge enablement and
enterprise relationship management.”

“This. . . approach recognizes that an Electronic Enterprise is a new
business direction enabled
and driven by combining intranet, extranet and Internet solutions for a global
e-business infrastructure,” said Larry Smith, CEO of US Interactive.

The company said it will use the E-Roadmap service in concert with its
proprietary IVL methodology.

“We understand that establishing the Electronic Enterprise requires three
critical disciplines to come together: marketing, technology and business,”
Smith said. “Our IVL Methodology includes deliverables from all three fields
to provide a company with a complete Electronic Enterprise solution.”

The company is applying the concept to all its existing clients, such as Royal
Caribbean International, UNUM, PECO Energy, Toyota, Lexus, and Pioneer
Electronics. And, a spokesman said, it’s currently being applied to “a major
athletic apparel/shoe company that I can’t mention by name”.

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