ValiCert Delivers Universal Toolkit 2.0

ValiCert, a supplier of software and services to validate digital certificates, said its new universal ValiCert Toolkit 2.0 will support all current digital certificate validation and revocation protocols.

ValiCert’s new universal Toolkit 2.0 gives software developers the flexibility to work with existing legacy security systems and migrate to more efficient technologies as their needs change, the company said.

The ValiCert Toolkit 2.0 is available free for an unlimited binary license.
The toolkit can be downloaded from

The Toolkit gives developers off-the-shelf software components they can use
to let their Internet applications verify digital certificates using an array
of established validation mechanisms. This universal approach is important,
the company said, because the various public and private certificate
authorities (CAs) support different validation protocols.

“The ValiCert Toolkit 2.0 provides important advantages to platform companies, OEM developers, and enterprises developing their own security applications who can now support their legacy base of CRL-based applications while immediately taking advantage of our certificate revocation tree technology with a clear migration path for the future,” said Yosi Amram, president and CEO of ValiCert, Inc.

“In addition, our support for OCSP, and for other emerging protocols, ensures developers they will be prepared for whatever specialized applications may come along.”

ValiCert was established in 1996 by a group of cryptographers and executives
from the Internet services industry to build a broad validation infrastructure for the net economy.

The company has partnerships with providers of security services and products, including Baltimore Technologies, BelSign, Entegrity Solutions, Entrust Technologies, GTE Cybertrust, Netscape Communications, Thawte, Xcert International, Inc. and others.

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