Vignette, Artesia Link For Prospects

Vignette Corp. and Artesia Technologies Tuesday announced they will create a combined e-business solution based on the Vignette V/5 E-business Application Platform that streamlines rich-media content management for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry.

“Vignette powers the largest and most successful media and entertainment sites — companies that are defining new business models for broadband content through PCs or interactive set-top boxes,” said Erik Josowitz, vice president, product strategy at Vignette. “Media companies need to deliver content simultaneously to customers through many different device channels, and together Artesia and Vignette are delivering a flexible, integrated software platform that allows these companies to maximize investments in digital content and efficiently reach exciting new markets.”

The integrated solution enables repurposing of new and existing content for publishing over multiple channels to multiple devices — allowing M&E companies to develop strategies for delivering content. This combined approach to content management is intended to enable organizations to create virtual supply chains with both their creative and trading partners, in which digital assets are rendered available for further use or augmentation.

“Artesia and Vignette share a vision for the industry in which a single solution may be adopted for streamlining the flow of rich-media content — from inception, creation and management to personalized delivery to our customers’ end-users,” said Scott Bowen, president and chief operations officer of Artesia Technologies.

“Together, we offer the industry the ability to respond to the convergence taking place in the broadcast, publishing and entertainment industries by enabling these groups to continue to serve existing markets, while capitalizing on opportunities available within new markets.”

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