Webvan.com Gets Virtual Makeover

Webvan Group Inc. unveiled a virtual makeover Friday. The webvan.com site now displays a redesigned
Web store as well as a new logo and branding strategy.

The redesigned Web store, designed to make shopping easier, features 11
product category tabs, including electronics, specialty shops, books, CDs
and video, petshop, household, fresh market, grocery, baby shop, kids store
and drugstore.

The redesign was based on customer feedback, according to George T.
Shaheen, chairman and CEO, Webvan Group Inc. “In the fast-paced world of
e-commerce, customer focus and constant innovation are what separate the
wheat from the chaff,” he said. “Our new Web store gives our customers full
control over their shopping experiences.”

Navigating the various categories is now faster, without the need to
refresh the screen, added Shaheen. “The search and sort functions have been
expanded, reducing even further the time it takes to find specific brands
and products,” he said. “New areas such as Kids Store and Baby Shop continue
to be augmented to give parents access to all the products they need for
their children in one centralized place, versus how brick-and-mortar stores
are organized.”

Weekly specials are located on the right side of the screen for easy
access and more information can be obtained about each product by clicking
on an image.

The new logo recognizes
Webvan’s recent acquisition of HomeGrocer.com, according to Shaheen.

“The change in our logo sends a strong message that we are more than just
an online grocer,” he said. “It is also symbolic internally, as we complete
the process of integrating the brands of two great companies — Webvan and
HomeGrocer — into one stronger and larger brand.

“Building a unified brand is a priority for Webvan, as the company
migrates to one common technology platform,” he said. “Over the next few
months, the new logo and colors will be emblazoned on everything from the
company’s delivery vans and courier uniforms to the personalized labels
attached to products delivered to customers’ homes or offices.”

The new Web store launched in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento
on Friday. The Atlanta site will launch Saturday and Chicago will bow

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