Winstar Launches Online Destination for Businesses

Winstar Communications Inc. launched, an online business service for
small and medium-sized businesses.

A unit of Winstar, with a one-third equity stake held by CBS Corp., was designed to be a destination site for business-relevant
content, commerce, community and communications services from best of breed
partners and in-house experts.

The site features free access to news and information spanning nearly 150
industries and professions. utilizes a three-tiered revenue model
of deep advertising sponsorships, transactional revenue from e-commerce sales
of goods and services and i-commerce sales of premium information.

Charter advertisers include 3Com, AT&T,, eCal, MasterCard,
NetEarnings and OfficeMax.’s list of content partners includes: COMTEX, Data Broadcasting
Corp., Knight-Ridder/Tribune, L2S, Multex’s Market Guide, Marketwatch and

Companies providing additional tools and databases for corporate research
include Dun & Bradstreet, Gale Group, Responsive Database Services, the U.S.
Small Business Administration (SBA) Classroom and Winstar Telebase Inc.
E-commerce partners include, Hello Direct Inc.,
MasterCard, OfficeMax, RoweCom and

Winstar Communications Inc. provides customers with broadband communications
services including high-speed Internet and data, Web-based information and
local and long distance services.

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