WorldStream Debuts Streaming Marketing Tools

WorldStream Communications Inc., the interactive communication solutions company, has launched a streaming application specifically created for the marketing and media communities.

WorldStream’s Marketing Communications Suite allows customers to incorporate streaming audio and video, graphic images, polling capabilities and user forums with data collection and analysis for enhanced communication over the Internet. The Marketing Communications Suite targets customers in channel marketing, customer marketing, public relations applications, advertising and media, and market research.

“Forward-thinking marketing and media professionals share our vision of creating a ‘better than being there’ experience for geographically dispersed audiences. Our new Marketing Communications Suite enables people to be where they want when they want and still interact with the important information they need,” said Bill Malloy, chief executive officer at WorldStream.

WorldStream’s Marketing Communications Suite aims to add heightened levels of interactivity, on-demand viewing and deep back-end data reporting to:

  • Channel marketing – Businesses can conduct traditional communications over the Web with channel representatives and interactively engage partners.
  • Customer marketing – Companies can launch products over the Web to reach broader audiences, building communities through online participation.
  • Digital public relations applications – Organizations can incorporate the Internet and streaming media technology into traditional PR activities such as online press tours and conferences, electronic editorial audits and digital press kits.
  • Advertising and media – Businesses can create an interactive online media kit using traditional printed material and advertising collateral.
  • Market research – Companies can cut market research budgets and garner valuable information by holding focus groups and audits online. With WorldStream’s back-end data reporting functionality, being online can be more valuable than being in person.

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