Yahoo! Launches Coupon Channel

Santa Clara, CA-based Yahoo! Inc. launched Yahoo! Coupons after teaming with Val-Pak,
a provider of local merchant money-saving coupons and a subsidiary of COX
Target Media Inc.

Coupons will be offered for services ranging from dry cleaning and haircuts to
oil changes and Internet access, Yahoo! said.

Promotional savings will feature several leading national brands, including
Goodyear, Subway, Fantastic Sam’s and Jiffy Lube. In addition, consumers will
be exposed to a wide variety of discounts for products and services at local
retailers, such as neighborhood restaurants and auto repair shops.

Yahoo! Coupons provides targeted coupons based on user needs and locations.

“We are committed to providing Yahoo! users with the easiest and most
convenient access to the Web’s most valuable resources, and online coupons are
one of those offerings,” said Susan Carls, senior producer of Yahoo! Coupons.

“We wanted to give consumers the ability to clip coupons with just the click
of a mouse, effectively saving them time and money. Our relationship with Val-
Pak demonstrates this commitment to our users, as Val-Pak is one of the
leaders in providing local merchant bargains and special offers to consumers.”

Financial arrangements between the companies were not disclosed.

To begin saving, shoppers enter a zip code, select a category and click “Get
My Coupons!” to display coupons matching their preferences. Users can also
search for coupons in their area by selecting a keyword, such as the name of a
retailer or a particular product brand name.

By printing their selected coupons, users can redeem coupons at participating

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