Zona Research Launches Quarterly Tech Reports

Zona Research
launched the Zona Enterprise Usage Study (ZEUS), a new Internet
industry study
that tracks data on corporate deployment strategies, budgets and technology

The quarterly studies will “present a compelling picture of the Internet
marketplace as it is now and will be 6, 12, and 24 months in the future,” Zona

Significant findings from the companies surveyed for this study include:

  • 57% plan to implement electronic commerce solutions by the end of 1999.
  • 43% derive no revenue from Internet-based selling.
  • 15% plan to implement Microsoft Windows NT Terminal Server technology.
  • 53% will have implemented Web application server solutions by the end of
  • 20% did not know if an external intruder had compromised the security of
    their enterprise.

Published quarterly in six Databooks, ZEUS examines the Electronic Economy,
Network Computing, Communications, Application Development, Web Application
Servers and Security. In 200 graphical tables, these Databooks chart the
responses from a pool of approximately 1,300 enterprise IT technology
influencers and purchasers drawn from the IntelliQuest Technology Panel.

“ZEUS offers industry executives a comprehensive snapshot of the Internet
marketplace on a more frequent timetable than traditional tracking
studies,” said Clay Ryder, vice president and chief analyst at Zona
Research. “Access to timely, trendworthy data provides valuable insight
into the dynamic Internet marketplace and opportunities in the electronic

“With 57% of the respondents planning to implement their electronic commerce
solutions over the next 15 months, we believe that the much-ballyhooed
electronic economy is still in its infancy,” said Jack Staff, Zona’s chief

Zeus Databooks are now available from Zona Research and may be purchased
separately on a quarterly basis or on an annual subscription basis. Pricing
was not disclosed.

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