Andi Gutmans Leaving Zend Rogue Wave

Andi Gutmans, co-founder of Zend and its CEO for many of those years is leaving the company, just a few short months after it was acquired by Rogue Wave.

I’ve been a huge fan of Gutmans for many years, and have had the good luck to speak phpwith him dozens of times over the past decade. As a PHP developer myself, my interest in PHP has long been very personal and getting the chance to learn about its direction from its leadership (gutmans and zend) has always been very rewarding.

In particular, I recall the birth of PHP5 and the long goodbye for PHP4 as a topic that I spoke many times to Gutmans about. It now all seems so long ago, now that PHP 7 is the leading edge of the open-source programming language.

While Gutmans is now leaving the Zend/Rogue Wave fold, he has publicly pledged not to leave PHP.

He wrote:

Needless to say, my bonds to Zend and the PHP community are, and remain, strong. I will continue to be a vocal supporter of the Zend products and the team. I will continue to seek out opportunities to add to my elephpant herd (by far, my children’s #1 concern with me leaving). And I will continue to contribute to the PHP community and be an ambassador for PHP.

Good Luck Andi in wherever your journey takes you next.

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