Apache CloudStack 4.1 Delivers New Scale and Security for the Open Source Cloud

Joe Brockmeier, PMC Member Apache CloudStack, explained to Datamation that CloudStack’s release cycle is a time-based approach, as opposed to being strictly feature driven.

Among the new features in the CloudStack 4.1 release is Region Support, which is similar to a capability currently offered by Amazon AWS.

“This is about making CloudStack more flexible for people that are running geographically distributed clouds,” Brockmeier said.

Another key feature that gets a boost is Auto Scaling. According to CloudStack’s documentation, “Auto Scaling allows you to scale up or scale down back-end services or application virtual machines(guest VMs) based on various conditions you define and thereby ensure optimum use of virtual resources.”

The Auto Scaling feature in CloudStack 4.1 will work with Citrix’s NetScaler load balancer. Brockmeier stressed that the technology is not specific to Citrix, as the Apache project is always trying to be open and inclusive. He expects that over time, other load balancing solutions from multiple vendors will be plugging into the feature as well via an open interface.

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Apache CloudStack 4.1 Autoscales the Open Source Cloud

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