Apache CouchDB Refreshes in NoSQL Push

Heard about the NoSQL movement? Among open source database outfits, the movement is gaining steam, as they look to a community-based alternative to the traditional relational approach. CouchDB is trying to get ahead of the curve with the latest release of its database offering.

Database Journal has the details about what’s coming with CouchDB’s version 0.11 release, and where the organization is looking next.

The open source Apache CouchDB database project hit a major milestone this week with the release of version 0.11. The release is an important one for the NoSQL database variant as it matures toward its 1.0 release. According to the project’s release notes, CouchDB is the first release of the open source database that hasn’t been tagged as having an alpha or beta status.

With the 0.11 release, CouchDB introduces new features and performance improvements while locking down development for future stability. CouchDB is a popular NoSQL open source database that includes the ability for database content to be replicated in the cloud and on users’ desktops.

“The 0.11 release is the first release where we’re going into feature freeze, so this is the release where we’ll be interface stable for 1.0, which will follow shortly.” Damien Katz creator of CouchDB told InternetNews.com. “That’s big news for people looking for CouchDB stability.”

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NoSQL CouchDB Getting Stable with New Release

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